Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[[ Mashed Red Potatos with Garlic & Parsley ]] (( Poor Girl's recipe ))

Heya all!

Here today with my daily recipe. This is actually a side (( but seriously, the way my mom and sister gobble it up, you'd think it was an entree )) dish that I dumb-ed down from a more expensive recipe. We actually (( when had some cash )) tired the more expensive version and my version won through out my family, so score.

I also ALWAYS make a double batch for two reasons: one - my sister eats it at night before bed and two - these make great potato fritters. I'll add the recipe for the fritters at the bottom. So think of this as a two in one recipe.

Red Potatoes with Garlic & Parsley

Serves 4 for two nights or 8 for one night.


5lb bag of red potatoes (you can peel or not, I always do because family prefers it that way.)
1 16oz tub of sour cream
1 8oz tub of sour cream
5 tbsp of dried parsley (this is an rough estimate, add how much you like and play around with it.)
4 - 5 garlic cloves pressed in a garlic press. (add more or less as you like.)
1 1/2 cup of Grated Parmesan Cheese (like above, add more or less)
3 tbsp of dried onion.
1/2 cup of butter. (one whole stick)
Salt and pepper to taste.


Fill a large pot with water and salt, bring to boil.

While water boils, peal (or not) and quater potatos. (( With smaller ones, half'em and with larger ones cut into smaller pieces. ))

Add to water and boil until tender.

While potatoes boil, in a bowl, add sour cream, parsly, onion, garlic, and parmsan cheese. Stir well. Taste and decide if it needs more ingriedents and finally add salt and pepper to taste. (( I always got a little heavy on pepper. )) [[ My sister says this also makes a get veggie dip or chip dip. ]]

Once potatoes are done, add sour cream mixture and butter to potoates and mash until it's to the texture you desire. (( I like mine lumpy. ))


Add - On's

Carmalized Onions
Green Onions
Cheese (( Pepper Jack tastes great. ))

Ideal Shopping List

5lb of Potatoes (( Prices will vary between stores, I tend to make this recipe when red potatoes go on sale. )) -- 3.99
16oz Breakstone's Sour Cream -- 2.59
8oz Breakstone's Sour Cream -- 1.69
Large head of Garlic -- .59
8oz Store Brand Grated Parmesan Cheese -- 2.99
Total -- 11.85

My Shopping List

5lb of Potatoes (( Prices will vary between stores, I tend to make this recipe when red potatoes go on sale. )) -- 3.99
16oz Store Brand Sour Cream -- 2.00
8oz Store Brand Sour Cream -- 1.09
Large head of Garlic -- .59
8oz Store Brand Grated Parmesan Cheese -- 2.99
Total -- 10.66, savings of 1.19.


Turn this recipes into left over side dish by making potato fritters.


Take left over mashed potatoes and add one to two eggs to it depending how much you have left over.

Get a large skillet and coat bottom with oil and let it heat up.

While it's heating up, form potatoes into small patties about an inch and half thick.

Place down in pan and let it sear and crisp up.

Once golden brown and firm to the touch, place on paper towel lined plate.

Serve with butter and other condiments.

:) Enjoy and let me know what twists you used to make this recipe your own!

Monday, June 14, 2010

[[ Key Information ]]

Just some FYI for you guys.

As I stated in my first posts, I always give an ideal shoipping list (with prices) and I get this information from a local super market (Giant Food) and sometimes my local Super Wal - Mart. So remember this is just an averaging of prices but I want to give you a rough estimate about how much each meal will cost!

Also with all these recipes, I use an on hand list and it just lists things I always have at the ready. It's not much but it comes in handy, so here it is.

On Hand:

  • Seasoned Italian Bread Crumbs
  • Cooking Spray
  • Canola Oil
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese ( I usually get the store brand...but sometimes if Kraft is on sale, will get that. )
  • Butter ( I always use Blue Bonnet, cheap and tastes good. But also use Land O'Lakes if on sale )
  • 2% Milk
  • Dried Spices ( I usually get mine from the local dollar store (Spice Classic is my favorite brand) but sometimes get the more expensive brand, but usually, just go with the local dollar store! )
  1. Dried Parsley
  2. Dried Onion
  3. Dried Sage
  4. Dried Bay Leaves
  5. Dried Basil
  6. Dried Dill
  7. Dried Italian Seasoning
  8. Dried Garlic
  9. Dried Rosemary
  10. Meat Tenderizer
  11. Seasoned Salt
  12. Cinnamon
  13. Poultry Seasoning
  14. Garlic Salt
  15. Table Salt
  16. Black Pepper
And that's it, I will rarely post these in ideal shopping list, so why I wanted to give you this now!

[[ Poor Man's Shepard Pie ]] (( Daddy's recipe! ))

Okay, so up first is my late Daddy's recipe for Shepard's Pie! Remember to check the on hand items that aren't included in the ideal shopping lists!

Poor Man's Shepard Pie

Feeds up to 4 for two days! Leftovers are great with this.


2 lb Ground Beef
4 cans of Tomato Soup
4 cans of French Style Green Beans
3 Packages of Instant Mashed Potatoes (I prefer cheddar flavored)
1 tbsp of Dried Onion
1 tbsp of Garlic Salt
Salt and Pepper to taste.


Pre-Heat oven to 450 and grease large casserole dish.

In large skillet brown ground beef until no pink remains. Drain well.

Add tomato soup and green beans, along with Dried Onion and Garlic salt. Let saute until thick.

While it sautes, in a separate pot, prepare instant mashed potatoes according to package directions.

Once beef mixture is thick, add to casserole dish and top with prepared mashed potatoes. Spread them out evenly.

Place in oven until mashed potatoes top is lightly browned and crispy.

Serve. :)

Ideal Shopping List

2 lbs of Ground Beef (85% Lean) -- $3.49 per pound.
4 Green Giant French Style Green Beans -- $1.39 each.
4 Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup -- $1.00 each.
3 Idahoan Mashed Potatoes Four Cheese -- $1.00 each.
Total: $19.54 for two nights of dinner!

(( Even Cheaper Version [how I make it] )) || Let me know if you'd like me to add this to every recipe. ||

2 lbs Ground Beef (73% Lean) -- $2.09 per pound (( according to my local super-market, prices may vary ))
4 cans of Store Brand Green Beans -- $.69 per can.
4 Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup -- $1.00 each. (I know, not different, but honestly, it gives the best flavor! And stock up on it while on sale if you can)
3 Idahoan Mashed Potatoes Four Cheese -- $1.00 each. (Favorite instant mashed potatoes hands down!)
Total: $13.94 for two nights of dinner! Saving you $5.60.

Add - Ons

None, perfect the way it is. But if you come up with something, let me know! :)

[[ Welcome ]]

Hello all!

Welcome to my little spot on the world wide web! I'm Ashley or Poor Girl, whichever. In person I like to be called Ashley, but hey, feel free to call me what I am :P. This blog is an idea I've had for a while, a few months at least and was inspired by a lot things and a lot of people.

You see, like many people in the great United States, I grew up poor. Nothing wrong with that! I'm thankful to my upbringing because it taught me about struggle and survival, not to mention how to dumb down fancy food and make it taste even better! Which is what this blog is about.

My family always got tired of the same old meals like BBQ pork chops, Hamburger Helper (c), Manwhich (c), and such.....so I went on a quest to find new and interesting recipes to cook for my parents and little sister but a lot of them had thinks we just couldn't afford. Like fresh chives, olive oil, fresh parsley, real Parmesan, and son on. So I found things to substitute things with and found out, it's not only fun but taste great!

So this blog is sharing with you some of the recipes I've came up with with some special appearances from my late dad's recipes because the man knew how to save a buck. Also, after every recipes I'll offer an ideal shopping list, hints, and add-ons!

My ideal shopping lists uses medium grade ingredients, the stuff I'd used if I had the money at that time, but never...ever...feel bad for downgrading, I've done it my whole life when needed, and the results are the same! I mean really, as long as you drain the fat from the ground beef well, what's the difference between 73% lean and 93% lean when it comes to taste? So go for it and just use these recipes as a guide, not a rule.

As for hints and add-ons, these are just twists on the idea of the recipes, some have them, some don't. But if y'all (yes, I'm a southern girl) ever decide to try one of these recipes out, let me know your hints, add-ons, and such. I love new ideas!

So now you know what this is all about, get onto it! I hope you enjoy the recipes, use them, and adapt them to your own budget! Look forward to hearing from y'all!

Ashley Marie aka Poor Girl