Monday, June 14, 2010

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Hello all!

Welcome to my little spot on the world wide web! I'm Ashley or Poor Girl, whichever. In person I like to be called Ashley, but hey, feel free to call me what I am :P. This blog is an idea I've had for a while, a few months at least and was inspired by a lot things and a lot of people.

You see, like many people in the great United States, I grew up poor. Nothing wrong with that! I'm thankful to my upbringing because it taught me about struggle and survival, not to mention how to dumb down fancy food and make it taste even better! Which is what this blog is about.

My family always got tired of the same old meals like BBQ pork chops, Hamburger Helper (c), Manwhich (c), and I went on a quest to find new and interesting recipes to cook for my parents and little sister but a lot of them had thinks we just couldn't afford. Like fresh chives, olive oil, fresh parsley, real Parmesan, and son on. So I found things to substitute things with and found out, it's not only fun but taste great!

So this blog is sharing with you some of the recipes I've came up with with some special appearances from my late dad's recipes because the man knew how to save a buck. Also, after every recipes I'll offer an ideal shopping list, hints, and add-ons!

My ideal shopping lists uses medium grade ingredients, the stuff I'd used if I had the money at that time, but never...ever...feel bad for downgrading, I've done it my whole life when needed, and the results are the same! I mean really, as long as you drain the fat from the ground beef well, what's the difference between 73% lean and 93% lean when it comes to taste? So go for it and just use these recipes as a guide, not a rule.

As for hints and add-ons, these are just twists on the idea of the recipes, some have them, some don't. But if y'all (yes, I'm a southern girl) ever decide to try one of these recipes out, let me know your hints, add-ons, and such. I love new ideas!

So now you know what this is all about, get onto it! I hope you enjoy the recipes, use them, and adapt them to your own budget! Look forward to hearing from y'all!

Ashley Marie aka Poor Girl

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