Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[[ Bacon Wrapped Chicken Livers ]] (( Poor Girl's recipe ))

So this is a pretty common recipe but this is how I do it (which isn't fancy) and wanted to share this QUICK recipe with you. My family adores this and my mom is always in the kitchen as I make them, stealing as I get them on the plate.

[[ Bacon Wrapped Chicken Livers ]]
A great appetizer! But will serve 4+ as main dish.


2 Containers of Chicken Livers, cleaned and dried.
2 packages of Bacon


I like using a electric skillet for this for two reasons; one, you have more control of the setting, and two, the lid.


Pre-Heat skillet at 250 (if using electric skillet) or medium (if using stove).

Add just enough oil to coat bottom of pan.

Wash and pat dry chicken livers. (If you have a large liver, cut in half.)

Using a sharp knife, cut bacon in half while in package.

Wrap each liver in half a slice of bacon and secure with toothpick.

Place in an even layer in skillet and cover. (This allows the chicken liver too cook WHILE bacon stays soft.)

Flip every so often and once the chicken liver is done (I use the old technique of grabbing the largest one and cutting it in half), turn up the heat and let bacon get to desired crispiness.

Place on paper towel lined plate and let rest and drain to remove excess fat.

Serve :D

Ideal Shopping List

2 Containers of Chicken Livers -- 1.79 each.
2 Packages of Oscar Mayer Bacon Naturally Hardwood Smoked - 6.99
Total - $17.56

My Shopping List

2 Containers of Chicken Livers -- 1.79 each.
2 Packages of Store Brand Hickory Smoked Bacon. Sliced -- 3.99
Total - $11.56, Savings of - $6.00


If you like your bacon crispy, sear first and then cover on lower heat. Crisp up even more after chicken liver is cooked through.

Cover a paper plate with paper towels and top that with ANOTHER paper plate covered in paper towel and let drain on them. This way you have one less dish to clean and doubling makes sure not to get any on your counter.

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